I'm New
What can I expect?

What should I expect when I first enter the building?

You will be warmly greeted and most likely see someone you know within your first 30 seconds in the building.

What style of worship music will be led in service?

The music is primarily contemporary with a little of your traditional favorites mixed in. 

What style of clothes do people wear?

What they are comfortable in. There are people that wear suits and dress and there are many who wear shorts, jeans and T-shirts. God's concern is that we are clothed with Christ (Galatians 3:27).

Is there age appropriate ministry for my children during the worship service?

There is nursery provided for newborns and toddlers and a pager is given to parents so they can be contacted if needed. Parents are free to decide at what age they are comfortable with their child going to the nursery. Children's Church is designed to teach and entertain our pre-school and grade school age children with a mix of music, puppet skits and interactive lessons.

What can I expect from the pastor's sermons?

Pastor Randy teaches strictly from the bible. There is no theology or denominational doctrine, just God's Word presented in a manner that is down to earth, straight forward and easy to understand and apply to your daily life. He is always energetic, sometimes funny, sometimes moving but always challenging. He likes to say, "you may not always agree, but you won't fall asleep".